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Dipping - Prevulcanised Latex
Ml 200 Prevulcanised Latex Gloves


ML 200 is low ammonia, medium modulus prevulcanised natural rubber latex. ML 200 is suitable for use in a wide range of dipping and allied processes where medium modulus dry film properties are required. It is only necessary to dry ML 200 to achieve these properties. No vulcanisation is needed. ML 200 is a low toxicity product and complies with BGA XXI category 1, 2 and 3.

ML 200 will ‘cream’ on standing and must be stirred thoroughly before use. Stir gently to avoid air entrainment.


Total Solids Content, % 59.5 - 61.5
Ammonia Content, % 0.30 max.
Viscosity, cps 120 max.
pH 10.0 - 11.0


Modulus @ 700% Elongation, Mpa 11.0 - 13.0
Tensile Strength, Mpa 20 - 28
Elongation @ Break, % 800 - 1,000
AGED (14 DAYS AT 70oC)  
Retention of Modulus @ 700% Elongation 75% min
Retention of Tensile Strength 75% min


ML 200 should be stored in sealed containers at between 5 and 30 degrees centigrade. On no account must the product be allowed to freeze. Contact with metals such as copper and iron must be avoided. Do not store in direct sunlight.


Liquid latex is a dispersion of natural rubber in water. Ii is also known as dipping latex, casting latex, prevulcanised latex or moulding latex. Liquid latex air dries to give a strong, flexible rubber film.


Liquid latex can be used to manufacture a wide range of products.

  • Special effects makeup
  • Face painting
  • Body painting
  • Mould making
  • Garden ornament moulds
  • Latex sheeting
  • Adult toys


ML 200 is a general purpose, low viscosity dipping grade. It contains 60% rubber.

ML 250 is a fast pick-up grade designed for use with plaster moulds. It contains 55% rubber.

ML 446 is a high viscosity grade designed for brush application where a thick film is required.

ML 354 is a gel thickener which can be added to ML 200 to increase the viscosity for brush application.


  • 1,000 Litre IBC’s
  • 210 Litre plastic kegs
  • 100 Litre plastic kegs
  • 25 Litre screw cap poly bottles

Download 'LIQUID LATEX' Datasheet

Download 'ML 200 PREVULCANISED LATEX' Datasheet


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