Adhesives for Diverse Applications | Formulated Polymers

Adhesives serve numerous applications such as manufacturing, lamination, packaging etc, . Understanding the diversity of adhesives helps in selecting the appropriate type for a specific application.

Popular adhesive types are

1) Wet bond adhesives

They are applied in a wet or liquid form to bond two surfaces. Once applied, they typically require a drying or curing process, during which they solidify, ensuring a strong bond. These adhesives commonly contain polymers suspended or dissolved in water or solvents.


Lamination processes where one material is bonded to another (e.g., in food packaging).
Bonding of paper, cardboard, and textiles.
Woodwork and furniture assembly.


2. Cold Seal Adhesives
Cold seal adhesives, or self-seal adhesives, bond to themselves. This means they do not require heat to activate the bonding process. Typically, these are made of synthetic rubber and resins.


Packaging industries, particularly for food products like chocolates and ice creams where heat-sensitive items need to be wrapped.
Medical packaging, like bandage wraps.
Envelopes and mailers.

3. Sprayable Contact Adhesives
Sprayable contact adhesives are applied using a spray system. They are designed to bond on contact and usually require pressure after application. These adhesives often contain solvents, but water-based formulations are also available.


Bonding of laminates to countertops.
Furniture manufacturing.
Adhesion of floor tiles, carpets, and wall panels.
Automotive and marine upholstery.


The choice of adhesive often depends on the specific needs of the project, including the materials being bonded, environmental conditions, and the desired bond strength.

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