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Non-Slip Coating

Our FP 2177 non-slip coating is water based and can be applied to paper or cardboard products, to provide an excellent anti-slip finish.

The coating has many potential applications in the packaging industry, including pallet liners and  food tray catering mats.

The dried coating has an unusual ‘tactile’ feel which could be of interest to packaging technologists who want to create a different consumer feel to the finished pack.

FP 2177 has a level of water and grease resistance, making it a viable option for use in food packaging materials.


FP 2177 is easy to apply using a range of printing techniques such as gravure or anilox rollers. To activate the anti-slip properties, the substrate must be dried in a hot air-powered tunnel or with an infra- red dryer at a minimum temperature of 100degC.

Food Safety Compliance

FP 2177 is perfectly suitable for use in direct contact with food, with the dry film components complying to either the EU, and US (FDA) regulations for food packaging.

Easy to use format

You can buy FP 2177 from Formulated Polymers in various container sizes ranging from 25kg up to a 1 tonne IBC with a shelf life of six months.

A full technical data sheet is also available on request.

Affordable non-slip coatings from Formulated Polymers

Our FP 2177 non-slip coating is easy to use, extremely effective and competitively priced. To place an order or to discuss your business requirements, please call our technical sales team on 01706 828208, or send us a message through our online contact form.

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