Wet Bond Adhesives

Wet Bond Adhesives - Formulated Polymers
Wet Bond Adhesives


Formulated Polymers have developed a wet bond adhesive FP2068 which is casein and starch free, removing any food allergen concerns you may have with these type of additives.

FP2068 is specifically designed for wet lamination of aluminum foil or metallized film to either paper, glassine or cardboard.

The main end use being high performance food packaging where the dried adhesive needs to withstand high heat seal temperatures and severe embossing after lamination.

FPP have worked closely with customers to overcome one of the challenges faced with wet bond adhesives by maintaining a good wet edge on to the foil during lamination to the paper or cardboard irrespective of the temperature and humidity on the lamination machine.

We believe FP2068 will provide the most cost -effective option in the market for converters applying wet bond adhesives – please call our sales team for a quote you will not be disappointed.

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