Specialized Coating Solutions - Formulated Polymer Products Ltd

Formulated Polymer Products Ltd offers PVDC coatings for food packaging films, featuring grades optimized for slip performance, facilitating efficient high-speed processing. The coatings include grades FP2034, with a low heat seal threshold and good moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) barrier, and FP2030, which offers a higher heat seal threshold and exceptional MVTR barrier. Both grades incorporate slip aid additives and a fine particle size precipitated silica dispersion for enhanced slip and anti-block properties, adhering to food contact packaging regulations. For more details, visit our packaging coatings page.

We also specialize in providing non-slip coatings designed to enhance safety and durability across various applications. These coatings are engineered for surfaces where slip resistance is crucial, such as industrial flooring and safety equipment, offering customizable levels of grip to meet different safety standards and usage requirements. The focus is on delivering solutions that ensure surfaces are safe, resilient, and tailored to the specific needs of each application. For more information on non-slip coatings, visit our non slip coatings page.

We offer innovative coatings for carpet and tile backing, designed to enhance the durability and stability of flooring products. These coatings contribute to the overall quality of carpets and tiles by improving their resistance to wear and ensuring a longer lifespan. The focus is on creating products that support the structural integrity of flooring materials, catering to both aesthetic and functional requirements of the industry. For more details, visit carpet and tile backing coatings page.

We provide a range of textile coatings designed to enhance the functionality and performance of fabrics. These coatings are tailored to improve various properties such as durability, resistance to wear, and the textile's overall aesthetic appeal. By focusing on the specific needs of the textile industry, they ensure that fabrics are not only more resilient but also meet the high standards required for different applications. For more details, visit textile coatings page.

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