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Formulated Polymer Products – Suppliers of Formulated Latex Compounds

Formulated Polymer Products was established in 1988 and has grown rapidly to become a leading supplier of custom formulated speciality latex compounds.

These materials are used in the manufacture of a wide range of products including upholstery textiles, carpets and carpet tiles, adhesives, food packaging coatings, foam impregnants, dipped goods, construction products and wallpaper coatings.

We offer an established range of products but are also able to tailor products to customer’s specific needs.

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Our Products

  • We Specialise in:

    • Foam and Packaging
    • Construction
    • Adhesives and Wallpapers
    • Flame Retardants
    • Electronics and Dipping
  • Wet Bond Adhesives

    A range of wet bond adhesives which are casein and starch free, removing any food allergen concerns with these type of additives.

    View Wet Bond Adhesives

    Cold Seal Adhesives

    A range of cold seals which deliver very high levels of mechanical stability at high press speeds in excess of 400 metres /minute.

    View Cold Seal Adhesives

    Textile Coatings

    A range of flame retardant back coatings for upholstery fabrics to comply with BS 5852 Ignition Source 0, 1 & 5.

    View Textile Coatings


    Very high performance flame retardant compounds for polyurethane foam impregnation to meet Class ‘O’ building regulations.

    View Foam


    PVDC based heat sealable moisture vapour barrier coatings for food packaging films. These grades have optimised slip performance.

    View Packaging


    Concrete and cement additives to impart improved water resistance and mechanical strength in the finished product.

    View Construction


    Two part sprayable contact adhesives for furniture manufacture. These will bond foam to foam, foam to fibre, foam and fibre to wood.

    View Adhesives


    Low, medium and high modulus prevulcanised natural rubber latex for manufacturing balloons, soothers, teats, surgeon’s gloves

    View Dipping


    High quality carpet coatings and secondary backings including air drying (room temperature drying) grades.

    View Carpets


    Peelable coating mask. Fast drying, flexible latex incorporating a corrosion inhibitor for coating electronic components.

    View Electronics

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