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Two part sprayable contact adhesives for furniture manufacture. These adhesives will bond foam to foam, foam to fibre, foam and fibre to wood.

Pressure sensitive (permanently tacky) adhesives for textiles and papers for self adhesive applications.

Natural rubber latex based self seal (cold seal) adhesives for envelope manufacture and for flexible films for food and snack packaging. Low protein versions of these materials are also available.

Resorcinol/Formaldehyde based adhesion promoters for belting and tyre cord manufacture. Grades are available for adhesion to SBR, nitrile and polychloroprene rubbers.

Carpet adhesives. Air drying natural rubber latex based adhesives carpet to carpet for edge bonding and to bond carpet to flooring.

Yarn jointing adhesives.

Textile Laminating Adhesives

Flocking Adhesives

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